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Helping SME's throughout the UK to grow by streamlining processes and IT systems.

Bridging the gap between the client and tech teams to ensure smooth delivery.

Communicating with people at all levels and all parts of a business for the benefit of everyone in the business.

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What I Can Do For You

Below is a short list of some of the individual B.A. related services that I can carry out for you:

  • Gather Requirements
    Work closely with businesses to define their computer system need,
  • GAP Analysis
    Identify as-is and to-be situations,
  • Workshops
    Conduct discovery workshops with clients, businesses and IT teams,
  • Create Frameworks
    Apply multiple and appropriate business models and frameworks to optimize solutions,
  • Communicate
    Liaise with stakeholders across the business to keep designs on track,
  • Track Progress
    Stay with the project all the way through to ensure what is delivered matches what was wanted,
  • Reviews
    Perform post-installation reviews to ensure that business needs have been met.

* The specific services I can offer each client will vary, depending on the scale and type of the business need.

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Samples Of My Work

Headway Luton

Client Management Software

A system used by a local charity to record all relevant details on centre and community clients, including a medical review, rehabilitation outcomes and risk assessments. Also includes a Document Management System.

(php, HTML, CSS, JS, mySQL)

UK Gymnastics

Sports Club Membership System

A system to record details of club members, including gymnasts and coaches. Includes a facility to track details, invoicing and payment of membership fees. Incorporates an import facility for rapid data updates.

(php, HTML, CSS, JS, mySQL)


Technology Services Management

A toolkit for techies, comprising Customer Management, Development Management and Service Management. Includes a Sales Pipeline and Development Burndown Chart. All TSM operations in a single system. Even I use it!

(php, HTML, CSS, JS, mySQL)

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Benefits I Can Bring You

Every system is different and has it's own set of deliverables and challenges. The list below is a small sample of the benefits that I have brought to my clients through the software applications I have developed for them:

  1. Increased Revenues and Market Share
    More accurate information, combined with an efficient software system, helps to give customers the edge.
  2. Reduced Costs
    Less time searching for, or updating, key information means more time running the business.
  3. Enhanced Security
    Roles and permissions keep data safe, yet visible to authorised staff and customers.
  4. Improved Communication
    Allows staff and customers to be kept in the loop.
  5. Superior Decision Making
    More accurate data leads to better decisions.

My Skills

Having worked in IT for 30 years, I've picked up a number of key skills.
Below is a summary of those skills, some of which could be useful to you.
Experienced in working with clients and IT departments alike to design working solutions via the use of a range of analysis tools and frameworks.
Experienced in every aspect of software development, ensuring highly accurate and robust IT systems with the required quality. In recent years I have focused on building systems that are located in the cloud, accessed via a browser and available from anywhere with an internet connection.
Experienced in designing and building efficient databases, mainly Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
Experienced in informing users how to use the systems I have built, complete with exercises, ensuring all users get the most of the systems.
Experienced in cleansing, correcting, improving and formatting data ensuring rich information and improved decision making.
I believe in keeping existing skils up-to-date while learning new skills, especially during lockdown, so have recently added C#, Laravel and VueJS to my skillset.

My Technology Stack


About Me

AWSP Founder, Andy Wood

I am an IT professional with over 30 years experience of designing, developing and delivering software applications.

Over the years I have worked in many industries, namely manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality. I have worked as a permanent employee and also as a fixed-term contractor. For the past seven years I have been freelance, working on behalf of multiple simultaneous clients.

I love working with businesses and their staff to help organisations to reach their goals. With well-defined and well-designed software applications, together with top class communication, I am convinced any organisation can overcome any obstacle.

Always one to seek new challenges, I am trying to learn Italian while serving clients. In September 2019, shortly after passing my 30 year career anniversary, someone described me as "a veteran of the software industry" - I've yet to get over it!


"On behalf of our charity I'd like to thank Andy Wood for his hard work in creating a bespoke system to meet all our data collection needs within a given project time-frame and, importantly, within our agreed budget. Andy was very professional in his approach and quickly established what we actually needed in hardware, software and design to suit our organisational needs and staff ease of use. His continued support over the years has been equally invaluable. I would personally recommend Andy Wood for IT services to anyone. 10/10" Grahame Atkins, Headway Luton
"A big thank you to Andy Wood for building our membership portal. We can instantly see how many coaches and gymnasts are associated with each club and that allows us to accurately capture membership fees." Jason Wise, UK Gymnastics
"I'm really pleased with my new website and eCommerce facility - I can now take and track orders over the web as well as keeping an eye on my customer invoices. Easy to use, full of features and looks stunning! Thank you!" Lisa-Rose Pedley, Lisa Rose Crafts.

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My rate is £50 per hour and I can be booked for £300 per day.
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